Episodes sorted by Character Appearance

How many episodes are graced by the presence of Morgana Macawber? What’s that one episode with that one obscure supervillain who appeared? You know the one… Insect Master?  What are all the Jumbalaya Jake episodes and how can I avoid them? 

I’ve gone ahead and sorted episodes by character appearance so that you will never miss a Comet Guy episode again!

Note: I am not going to include Darkwing, Gosalyn, or Launchpad in this list because they are present in almost every single episode, with a few exceptions.

The Good Guys

  Morgana Macawber

Whether you love her or think she exists merely to play the role of heteronormative ship-blocker, Morgana Macawber brings some interesting plot devices to the cartoon. Despite her prominent role in the series however, she only appears in 8 episodes.

Appears in:

  1. Fungus Amongus (as a villain)
  2. Ghoul of my Dreams (as a villain)
  3. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  4. My Valentine Ghoul
  5. Dead Duck
  6. Monsters R Us
  7. Malice’s Restaurant
  8. Hot Spells

  The Muddlefoot Family

Honker Muddlefoot

Honker is an honorary member of the Mallard family, even though he technically already has a family. He tends to show up in episodes where exposition is required, but he gets a few shining moments as well. Also one of the few characters who knows Darkwing’s secret identity as Drake Mallard.

Appears in:

  1. Getting Antsy
  2. Night of the Living Spud
  3. Duck Blind
  4. Easy Come, Easy Grows
  5. A Revolution in Home Appliances
  6. Trading Faces
  7. Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlatan
  8. Bearskin Thug
  9. Aduckyphobia
  10. When Aliens Collide
  11. Jurassic Jumble
  12. Toys Czar Us
  13. The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck
  14. Life, The Negaverse and Everything
  15. Heavy Mental
  16. Darkwing Doubloon
  17. It’s A Wonderful Leaf
  18. Dances With Bigfoot
  19. Twin Beaks
  20. The Incredible Bulk
  21. Let’s Get Respectable
  22. Whirled History
  23. The Quiverwing Quack
  24. Dirtysomething
  25. That Sinking Feeling
  26. Negaduck
  27. Slaves to Fashion
  28. Tiff of the Titans
  29. Calm a Chameleon
  30. Battle of the Brainteasers
  31. Going Nowhere Fast
  32. A Brush With Oblivion
  33. The Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers, Too
  34. Star Crossed Circuits
  35. The Steerminator

Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot

Drake Mallard’s nosy neighbours and Honker’s parents. I’m combining these two since they always appear in the same episodes together. 

Appears in:

  1. Night of the Living Spud
  2. Easy Come, Easy Grows
  3. Bearskin Thug
  4. You Sweat Your Life
  5. When Aliens Collide
  6. Adopt-A-Con
  7. The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck
  8. Life, The Negaverse and Everything
  9. Dry Hard
  10. Heavy Mental
  11. Darkwing Doubloon
  12. It’s A Wonderful Leaf
  13. Twitching Channels
  14. Twin Beaks
  15. Dead Duck
  16. Quack of Ages
  17. Inside Binkie’s Brain
  18. Whirled History
  19. A Star is Scorned
  20. Negaduck
  21. Slaves to Fashion
  22. Battle of the Brainteasers
  23. A Brush With Oblivion
  24. The Merchant of Menace
  25. The Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers, Too
  26. Hot Spells
  27. Mutancy on the Bouncy (non-speaking cameo)
  28. Malice’s Restaurant

Tank Muddlefoot

Honker’s neanderthal-esque older brother and local bully. He mysteriously vanishes in the latter half of the series for no particular reason. Some say he’s still stuck inside that chimney…

Appears in:

  1. Night of the Living Spud
  2. A Revolution in Home Appliances
  3. Bearskin Thug
  4. When Aliens Collide
  5. Toys Czar Us
  6. Life, The Negaverse and Everything
  7. Heavy Mental
  8. Darkwing Doubloon
  9. It’s a Wonderful Leaf
  10. Negaduck
  11. Slaves to Fashion
  12. Battle of the Brainteasers
  13. A Brush With Oblivion


Originally created for the original 1987 Ducktales cartoon, Gizmoduck crosses over into Darkwing’s universe and serves as a rather delightful addition to the cast. He only makes a few appearances, but in Darkwing’s opinion it’s a few too many.

Appears in:

  1. Tiff of the Titans
  2. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  3. Up, Up, and Awry
  4. Darkwing Doubloon


The duck-turned-dinosaur and later a hot dog vendor. Where would we be without “put out the Darkwing”?

Appears in:

  1. Jurassic Jumble
  2. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  3. Darkwing Doubloon

  The Macawbers

Morgana’s creepy monster family makes a few appearances, although it varies by family member.

Moloculo Macawber

Morgana’s father and the patriarch of the Macawber family. 

Appears in:

  1. Monsters R Us
  2. Hot Spells

Aunt Nasty

Presumably Morgana’s aunt (the relation is never quite explained). Takes a special interest in trying to cook Darkwing.

Appears in:

  1. Monsters R Us
  2. Hot Spells
  3. Malice’s Restaurant

Cousin Globby

Guess he’s from the uh… slimier side of the family.

Appears in:

  1. Monsters R Us
  2. Hot Spells
  3. Malice’s Restaurant

Several unnamed relatives

I didn’t bother to list them all here because they only appear as a group together in one episode which is:

  1. Monsters R Us


Gosalyn’s Negaverse counterpart only makes one appearance in the series but she left a large impact on fans.

Appears in:

  1. Life, The Negaverse and Everything

  Comet Guy

Because I know you’re all here for his seductive laughter.

  1. Smarter Than a Speeding Bullet (debut)
  2. Planet of the Capes


A member of the Justice Ducks but otherwise plays a small part in the series.

Appears in:

  1. Something Fishy (debut episode)
  2. Just Us Justice Ducks (Part 1 and 2)

  Derek Blunt

He drew on his map.

Appears in:

  1. In Like Blunt


The Bad Guys

Let’s be real: It’s the supervillains people love most, and Darkwing has a particularly unique Rogues Gallery. 

Reoccuring villains

Appear in more than one episode. 

  Taurus Bulba

The Big Bad who started it all!

Appears in:

  1. Darkly Dawns The Duck (Part 1 and 2)
  2. The Steerminator


He’s lean, he’s mean, he’s got some sort of weird skull fetish. And he appears in lucky number 13 episodes!

Appears in:

  1. Negaduck (original, tronsplit Negaduck only).
  2. Life, The Negaverse and Everything
  3. Going Nowhere Fast
  4. Jail Bird
  5. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  6. My Valentine Ghoul
  7. Disguise The Limit
  8. Bad Luck Duck
  9. The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck
  10. The Quiverwing Quack
  11. Let’s Get Respectable
  12. Darkwing Doubloon
  13. Malice’s Restaurant


Depending on what generation of fans you’re talking to, he’s either misunderstood or a total incel. 

Appears in:

  1. Beauty and the Beet (debut episode)
  2. Night of the Living Spud
  3. Easy Come, Easy Grows
  4. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  5. Life, The Negaverse, and Everything
  6. Darkwing Doubloon
  7. It’s a Wonderful Leaf
  8. Twin Beaks
  9. The Incredible Bulk
  10. Slime OK, You’re Ok
  11. A Star Is Scorned
  12. Jail Bird
  13. Ghoul of my Dreams (non-speaking role)
  14. Time and Punishment (non-speaking role)


  The Liquidator

Mostly only appears in Fearsome Five team-ups but he did get one solo episode!

Appears in:

  1. Dry Hard (debut episode)
  2. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  3. Life, The Negaverse, and Everything
  4. Jail Bird
  5. Darkwing Doubloon
  6. Ghoul of my Dreams (non-speaking role)
  7. Time and Punishment (non-speaking role)


Probably makes the most appearances in the series and gets some of the funniest dialogue too!

Appears in:

  1.  Duck Blind
  2. Comic Book Capers
  3. A Revolution in Home Appliances
  4. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  5. Up, Up, and Awry
  6. Life, The Negaverse, and Everything
  7. Darkwing Doubloon
  8. Dead Duck
  9. Twitching Channels
  10. Time and Punishment
  11. Stressed to Kill
  12. Inside Binky’s Brain
  13. Whirled History
  14. Jail Bird
  15. Negaduck
  16. Inherit the Wimp
  17. The Frequency Fiends
  18. Clash Reunion
  19. Ghoul of my Dreams (non-speaking role)


Another fan favourite, does some solo crimes as well as team-ups with Megavolt and The Fearsome Five.

Appears in:

  1. Whiffle While You Work (first appearance)
  2. Days of Blunder
  3. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)
  4. Toys Czar Us
  5. Life, The Negaverse, and Everything
  6. Darkwing Doubloon
  7. Quack of Ages
  8. Time and Punishment
  9. Stressed to Kill
  10. The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain
  11. Jail Bird
  12. Ghoul of my Dreams (non-speaking role)

 Splatter Phoenix

She only appears in two episodes and is one of the (sadly) few interesting female supervillains.

Appears in:

  1. A Brush With Oblivion (debut episode)
  2. Paint Misbehavin’


Real talk: He’s underrated and is actually pretty funny. If you bother to watch his episodes.

Appears in:

  1. Hush Hush, Sweet Charlatan
  2. Adopt-a-Con
  3. A Duck by Any Other Name
  4. Film Flam
  5. Slaves to Fashion
  6. Time and Punishment (non-speaking role)


He is a mole.

Appears in:

  1. That Sinking Feeling
  2. Aduckyphobia

 Jumbalaya Jake

Kitty’s one true love. 

  1. Can’t Bayou Love
  2. Double Darkwings

 Alien Hats

More specifically known as Flarg the Terrible, Barada, Nikto, and Talaya. Surprisingly, they are Honker Muddlefoot’s nemeses rather than Darkwing. 

  1. Battle of the Brainteasers
  2. Revenge of the Return of the Brainteasers, Too



One-Shot Villains

Villains who appear in only one episode then are never heard from again. I shall provide pictures as well, because I’m willing to bet most people won’t remember these characters by name alone. 

Now you’re probably asking, “Anj, why bother including every small-time villain who ever appeared in the series” and the real answer is because I’m hyper-fixating real hard right now BUT also, who knows when you might suddenly find yourself in dire need of reference material for… Major Trenchrot. It could happen!

  Darkwarrior Duck

I mean, he’s technically kinda-sorta a villain, right? I don’t know where else to put him!

Appears in: Time and Punishment

  Isis Vanderchill

She spends the whole episode trying to grope DW.

Appears in:  All’s Fahrenheit in Love and War

  Camille Chameleon

A relatively popular character despite getting only one episode. She’s got a pretty cool concept though, I would’ve loved to see a Camille/Splatter Phoenix team-up.

Appears in: Calm a Chameleon

  The Bugmaster

Also known as Bianca Beakley. 

Appears in: Fraudcast News


TECHNICALLY he appears in two episodes, but one is just a non-speaking cameo and therefore I am not counting it.

Appears in:

  1. Getting Antsy
  2. Time and Punishment (non-speaking cameo) 

  The King

…and his little brother, who is literally just a smaller version of The King.

Appears in: Paraducks

  Major Trenchrot

Man, I just KNOW there’s somebody out there who is like, “who was that one obscure character in that one Darkwing episode who pronounces banana as ‘bananar’ because I need to write a coffeeshopAU about him stat”. I’ve got you, bro.

Appears in: Apes of Wrath

  Jock Newbody (And minions Flex and Slim)

I constantly forget these characters ever existed.

Appears in: You Sweat Your Life

  Doctor Fossil

He just wants to turn the entire world into DINOSAURS no big deal! 

Appears in: Jurassic Jumble


The Ruler of DREEEEEEEAM world.

Appears in: Ghoul of My Dreams


Voiced by Phil Hartman, that’s all you really need to know.

Appears in: The Haunting of Mr. Banana Brain

  Hot Shot & Fly Girl, and Major Synapse


GOD, I am so salty that we get ONE fire-themed supervillain in the show and it’s a rando dog-face one-shot character who never appears again! Fly Girl is his partner so I’m lumping them in together along with Major Synapse who is their boss. You will never see any of these characters again (and also one of them dies a rather grisly death).

Appears in: Heavy Mental

  Ordinary Guy

Am I the only person who gets incredibly offended whenever humans appear in the Duckverse? Like, how dare they exist. 

Appears in: Planet of the Capes

  Phineas Sharp

I thought this guy was pretty cool, honestly. Would’ve been neat to see him in more episodes.

Appears in: In Like Blunt

  Doctor Slug

Dr. Slug is not actually a villain who appears in the series as a main antagonist, but he is frequently mentioned in several episodes as a running gag. He makes a brief appearance for one episode.

Appears in: Inside Binky’s Brain


This guy is the reason we’re forced to look at Darkwing’s shriveled testicle-shaped brain with eyeballs attached to it and I will never forgive him for that transgression.

Appears in: UFO Foed

  Master Goose Lee

Not even gonna lie, this episode is a little racist on several levels (which is on brand for early 90’s cartoons). But surprisingly, he plays a relevant role in Darkwing’s backstory.

Appears in: Kung Fooled

  Weasel Lowman

Arrest this man for war-crimes against Herb Muddlefoot!!!

Appears in: The Merchant of Menace

  D-2000 (“Dee Dee”)

She only knew Darkwing for a day and a half but if anything happened to him, she would kill everyone in the room and then herself.

Appears in: Star Crossed Circuits

  Gosalyn’s Evil Energy Beings

You know it’s always gonna be a good time when it’s a Gosalyn-centric episode. Also features a Darkwing-Megavolt team-up.

Appears in: The Frequency Fiends

  Swendlin Swine (Cement Head)

Actually has some neat potential. He later makes an appearance in the Joe Books comics in the “Purple is the New Orange” storyline.

Appears in: Mutantcy on the Bouncy

  Johnny T. Rex 

I have a feeling this guy would’ve returned for more episodes had the series not ended. His was the second last episode ever produced, and the last to air on television.

Episode appearance: Extinct Possibility 


Disgusting. Get this man out of my sight.

Appears in: Life, The Negaverse and Everything


The Negaverse: Better known as the dimension where they turned Herb Muddlefoot into a Leather Daddy. This blood is on your hands, Disney. 

Appears in: Life, The Negaverse and Everything.



Organizations and Team-ups

Some of these villains have been listed previously however I am including a list for team-ups as well because we all love shipping team-ups. 

   The Fearsome Five

Probably the most popular group of characters due to a combination of entertaining group dynamics and the fact they get shipped together quite often (albeit with Negaduck as the fifth wheel).

Appears in:

  1. Just Us Justice Ducks (Parts 1 and 2)  – debut episode
  2. Life, The Negaverse and Everything
  3. Darkwing Doubloon
  4. Jail Bird

  Megavolt and Quackerjack

The terrible twosome. In the Darkwing Duck show bible they are described as having a “special kinship” and it’s easy to see why once you watch these episodes.

Appear together in:

  1. Time and Punishment
  2. Stressed to Kill

     The Friendly Four

The Negaverse editions of Megavolt, Quackerjack, Liquidator, and Bushroot. They appear in one episode, but much like Nega-Gosalyn they became fan favourites.

Appears in:

  1. Life, The Negaverse and Everything


A secret spy organization that is so secret nobody even knows what the acronym means. 

J. Gander Hooter

The head of SHUSH and all-around good guy. Seems particularly fond of Darkwing and his unorthodox methods.

Appears in:

  1. Paraducks
  2. Trading Faces
  3. Just Us Justice Ducks (Part 1)
  4. Heavy Mental
  5. Disguise the Limit
  6. In Like Blunt
  7. The Darkwing Squad
  8. Bad Tidings
  9. The Merchant of Menace
  10. The Steerminator

Agent Vladmir Grizzlikoff

Chief Agent of SHUSH and kind of a grumpy gus. Holds a special disdain for Darkwing.

Appears in:

  1. Dirty Money
  2. Water Way to Go
  3. Disguise the Limit
  4. The Darkwing Squad
  5. Bad Tidings
  6. The Merchant of Menace

Dr. Sara Bellum

Incredibly eccentric and incredibly funny. Would prob end up a mad scientist if SHUSH hadn’t hired her first.

Appears in:

  1. Paraducks
  2. Just Us Justice Ducks (Part 1)
  3. Heavy Mental
  4. Disguise the Limit


The Fiendish Organization for World Larceny, which later returns in Ducktales 2017 as a major antagonist. 

High Command

The mysterious shadowy figures in charge of FOWL. Their identities are never revealed. They only show up to issue orders to their agents.

Appears in:

  1. Dirty Money
  2. Cleanliness is Next to Badliness
  3. Heavy Mental
  4. Dirtysomething
  5. The Steerminator


Chief Agent of FOWL and one of the more popular villains.

Appears in:

  1. Water Way To Go
  2. Trading Faces
  3. Bearskin Thug
  4. Cleanliness is Next to Badliness
  5. Smarter Than A Speeding Bullet
  6. The Darkwing Squad
  7. Tiff of the Titans
  8. Bad Tidings
  9. The Steerminator
  10. In Like Blunt (non-speaking role)
  11. Time and Punishment (non-speaking role)
  12. Ghoul of my Dreams (non-speaking role)

Ammonia Pine

Another (imo) underrated villain, she can be pretty funny.

Appears in:

  1. Dirty Money (debut episode)
  2. Cleanliness is Next to Badliness
  3. Dirtysomething
  4. In Like Blunt (non-speaking role)
  5. Time and Punishment (non-speaking role)
  6. Ghoul of my Dreams (non-speaking role)

Ample Grime

Ammonia’s sister, who appears in only one episode.

Appears in:

  1. Dirtysomething



Episodes Without Gosalyn or Launchpad

Gosalyn and Launchpad are part of the core main cast and are rarely absent, but there are a few episodes they are missing from. I decided it’s easier to list those, rather than the 99% of episodes they DO appear in.

Episodes without Gosalyn

  1. Bad Tidings
  2. Can’t Bayou Love
  3. Twitching Channels
  4. Inside Binkie’s Brain
  5. The Merchant of Menace

Episodes without Launchpad

  1. Bearskin Thug
  2. Bad Tidings
  3. Planet of the Capes
  4. Dances with Bigfoot
  5. Twitching Channels