Sleepless in St. Canard Podcast






Gizmoduck sympathizer.

Watcher of just about anything, haver of cats, and reader of books.

A Disney Afternoon latch key kid at heart with a special soft spot for Darkwing and his adventures.

Jambalaya Jake stans do not interact. 





Long-time fan who likes crime-fighting ducks probably more than is healthy.

Has one brain cell and it’s reserved for Darkwing Duck lore. 

Likes pineapple on her pizza with the addition of anchovies. 



Your Hosts

Once upon a time Anj had the stupendous idea to create a blog with all manner of Darkwing duck content, and her friend Kitty said, “why not a podcast” so Anj decided to call Kitty’s bluff by responding “only if you co-host it with me” only for Kitty to actually buy a microphone. Well, crap. Guess we’re doing this. 


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