Episode 12 – Fungus Amongus (kinda Sus)

WE’RE BACK after an unexpected hiatus… which means the spooky episodes we recorded back in October are going to drop throughout December?! Oh well, I guess Spooky Season truly is a time in our hearts. 

Today the Fungus are Among Us as we review Morgana Macawber’s first (production and timeline-wise) appearance. Get ready for some in-depth debate on pizza toppings and the amount of salt Launchpad McQuack could dole out on those pizzas if we collected all of it from this episode.

Also we extend a congratulations to THE ST. CANARD FILES PODCAST because they’ve officially reviewed all 91 episodes of Darkwing Duck! Damn, that is some hardcore dedication! If you haven’t already, check ’em out over at https://linktr.ee/StCanardFiles 


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Intro from Darkwing Duck

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