Episode 50: Megavolt’s Sohn

Gather round Sleepless Gang, it’s time to hear a very touching origin (???) story about a father and his evil bushy-eyebrowed son. We are of course referring to the iconic episode NEGADUCK where we learn about the totally real factual science of good and evil, and whether Launchpad also gets grounded and sent to his room. Plus Kitty drops a controversial HOT TAKE that will totally shock you!!! (not really. Unless…?) 

BUT FIRST, we talk merchandise news! Looks like the Funko pops are a-funkin’ yet again! Plus if you listen closely you may even get to hear one of Kitty’s cats serenading us with the song of her people. Truly a blessed day.  


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Intro from Darkwing Duck

Outro: https://youtu.be/zoyloKayJng