Episode 6: Let’s Get A Guest…erous!

WE’RE BACK after a short break and we’ve brought a friend! Today fellow fan Libri joins us to talk about why Darkwing Duck stands out in a sea of superhero cartoons, her thoughts on the Ducktales 2017 reboot, and how a water dog being turned into pudding changed the course of her life forever. Anj shares a few juicy tidbits about how the Ducktales episode “Let’s Get Dangerous” received a major re-write that removed Negaduck and everyone discusses their ideal setup for a Darkwing Duck reboot. 

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Intro from Darkwing Duck

Sound clips from Darkwing Duck episodes “Just Us Justice Ducks”, “Jail Bird”, and “Dry Hard”. 

Outro: https://youtu.be/Kas6akz1jWU