Episode 7: Happy 30th Anniversary, Darkwing Duck! Now go do your taxes!

Today we have a SPECIAL episode to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Darkwing Duck’s debut on television! Anj and Kitty review the DARKWING DUCK SHOW BIBLE, the original document from the 90’s which went into painstaking detail about the story, characters, and underlying themes of the show. This bible was written by Tad Stones and answers important questions such as: How do you spell Morgana’s last name? What’s Negaduck’s origin story? Does Darkwing have a regular job? And much more!


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Intro from Darkwing Duck

Sound clips from Darkwing Duck episodes “When Aliens Collide”, “Malice’s Restaurant”, “You Sweat Your Life”, “Negaduck”, “My Valentine Ghoul” and “Just Us Justice Ducks”. 

Outro: https://youtu.be/Kas6akz1jWU